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Operational consulting

OPCON Analysis – OPCON Quick Scan ©, OPCON Systems Scan ©

Analytical projects aimed at comprehensive diagnosis of companies, including problems affecting operational results and unused potentials. During the projects, we examine companies in the following aspects:
• statistical
• operational
• systematic
• behavioural
• financial

Operational and Management Efficiency Improvement Projects – OPCON Efficiency ©

Restructuring projects whose main goal is to improve the operating results. During projects our activities together with the employees are focused on:
• improvement of management efficiency
• raising managerial skills
• increase work productivity
• improving the efficiency of processes (production, services, sales, etc.)
• increased efficiency and productivity of company resources
• improving the quality of products and services
• increase in profitability
• reduction of operating costs
• improvement of financial indicators

Functional audits – OPCON Audit Scan ©

The audit projects are aimed at checking the changes made by companies staff after 6 to 12 months from the completion of the Operational Efficiency Improvement Projects.
Audits are realized for:
• stabilization and consolidation of the implemented changes through post-implementation audits of management systems
• supporting the coordinators on the part of the client in the implementation of further solutions and changes made on their own staff
• series of training and coaching meetings

Investment advisory

Due diligence analyses extended with operational aspects

• Audit of using the technical potential of the organization
• Statistical audit
• Organizational audit
• System audit
• Behavioural audit
• Analysis of the information flow

Managing the restructuring process

• Development of new enterprises of the organization
• Incorporation of subsidiaries
• Separation of new entities
• Interim management