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We use proprietary tools, developed on the basis of many years of project experience and management competence.

We implement the form of consulting cooperation flexibly in relation to the organisation and their needs. Before implementing the proposed solutions or optimising processes in the company, we always carry out a detailed analysis. Thanks to it, we can get to know the seriousness and level of problems and bottlenecks in numerical terms. We assume that numbers cannot be argued, and on their basis we prioritise the order of implementation of proposed solutions. In addition, based on numbers, it will be easier to set goals when implementing the optimisation or management system. Below we present the scope of works included in the OPCON methodology.

Phase I – analytical (OPCON Systems Analysis)

During the analysis, we examine the company in the following aspects:

1. Statistical

We analyse the company's operation in recent months to create a statistical image of each department in the following areas:
• Performance increase or decrease,
• Changes in sales volume,
• Changes in the structure of costs,
and compare the current state to historical data.

2. Systemic

In this aspect, we analyse existing management systems in relation to the four pillars of the Management by Objectives. Our specialists in the field of mapping areas will prepare Management System process flow, which will illustrate management systems used by your managers during the implementation of tasks and goals set before them. The goal is to understand in detail the processes, tools, procedures and documents that your company's managers have created and implemented over the years. The main goal is to identify bottlenecks that make management systems inoperable in particular departments.

3. Operational

At this stage we are carrying out observations of the work time and storage use effectiveness. Additionally, we assess the effectiveness of meetings and the level of resource utilization, as well as, performance and efficiency standards are examined. The research is aimed at estimating the existing potential, assessing the suitability of procedures and control mechanisms, monitoring the efficiency and costs, as well as, the quality of services.
Our specialists will evaluate the planning system:
• planning in individual departments,
• the level of resource use,
• performance and efficiency standards,
• and methods for assigning and controlling work.

4. Behavioural

We conduct a study on managerial values and abilities (MVS) at various management levels (management, directors, managers, managers, foremen). The research concerns the analysis of values that are used by the management in such aspects as:
• work planning,
• people management,
• management system,
• change management,
• cooperation,
• individual abilities (leadership, functional and survival skills).

A HRP (Human Resource Performance) study will also be carried out, which is a systemic approach to identifying barriers that hinder effective and satisfactory performance of employees.
The effect of the OPCON Analysis will be to identify the areas requiring intervention/ improvement in the quantitative and statistical estimation and propose a timescales for implementing our recommendations.
To this end, a report is prepared for you containing:
• Behavioural analysis results:
• analysis of barriers to employees' effectiveness with the use of HRP
• researching the value and managerial skills of MVS
• Results of observations at workplaces:
• warehouse employees
• supervisors
• merchants/ buyers
• traders
• Statistical analysis results of:
• materials allocation
• managerial meetings
• the level of resource use
• performance and effectiveness standards

5. Finansowym

We analyze financial resources, financial and accounting policies, financial flows in terms of optimizing the management of this resource and generating additional value from it.

In addition, there will be: mapped management systems, results of cause analysis, results of economic and indicative analyses, assessment of available resources and its usage, as well as, improvement recommendations for individual areas of the organization.
After the analysis, we present the results of our audit along with improvement recommendations and a proposal for implementation of those.

If you accept the offer for implementation, we start Phase II.

Phase II – operational (OPCON Efficiency project)

In the second phase, we combine process optimisation with the implementation of management systems in selected areas, departments or branches. The process itself involves the cooperation of consultants and employees of the organisation in the development and implementation of specific system solutions. Solutions will address key aspects in improving the efficiency of work organisation and employees productivity.

During this phase:

• We help to define quantitative and qualitative goals and cascading them down in the organisation.
• We develop indicators at the operational level that will be monitored in the Management Report
• Together with the owners of areas, we design management systems and tools/ controls.
• We run trainings to support the process of implementing management systems.
• We monitor key performance indicators.
• We create procedures and instructions for each functional area/ department.
The progress of works is presented weekly at TW / NW meetings (This Week / Next week)

While working on management systems (in individual units), we focus on:

• Improving management effectiveness and managerial skills of the management and mid-level staff, especially those with direct staff supervision,
• Optimising the organizational structure in order to improve the flow of information and optimise management processes,
• Increasing in efficiency, and/or better use of resources such as machines, raw materials, energy, working time,
• Increasing productivity,
• Improving profitability by reducing operating costs,
• Improving the quality of the product and services.
The implementation results in ready-made management systems in individual areas. You receive the Management System Manual, which contains all of the management tools, together with bespoke system instructions and procedures. Thanks to the above, a new director or area/department manager will find relevant/applicable tools which helps him/her to manage their management area.

Phase III – audit (OPCON Audit)

In third phase, our goal is to stabilise and consolidate the implemented changes through audits and to support client’s coordinators when implementing further solutions developed by the staff in-house.

If you have questions or would like to know the offer, please contact us.