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Our story

We are a consulting and implementation company, which means that we not only advise on what and how a client should do, but we cooperate with its managers and employees on development and implementation of new solutions that affect efficiency.

We have over 15 years of experience and nearly one hundred completed projects in Poland and abroad. Developmental and change management are our domain. We specialise in management efficiency, that is, we design, test and implement programs to improve the operational efficiency.

All projects have one goal -to build operational excellence of conducted businesses by improving process efficiency and management, increasing productivity, optimising operating costs, changing the mentality of employees and strengthening the approach to organizational self-improvement.

We work with Clients as consultants and implementers or interim managers, taking full responsibility for the effects of the changes.

We approach every task from a technical and tactical perspective, helping clients reduce costs and improve their efficiency.

We achieve this through optimisation of management systems, as well as, training programs and coaching sessions. During the implementation, we apply the active management approach, as well as, proven and modern management tools using the Lean Management, Management by Objectives (MBO) and World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodologies.

Cooperation with our clients consist in providing proper competencies allowing for a permanent increase in the effectiveness of business operations.


Our mission

We help organisations to achieve their ambitious goals and high operation results by better organising them, stabilising processes, increasing efficiency, optimising operational costs and improving employees qualifications, which results in improved productivity and increased profitability.

Our values

The company is based on core values as
• honesty
• professionalism
• effectiveness
• efficiency as a determinant of business

Our vision

Be recognised and valued on the market organisation of operational consulting, which effectively and permanently implements the solutions assumed and expected by the client that increase operational efficiency.
• We are here to create a better and safe tomorrow for those who trust us and bind the future with us.
• We strive to become a leader among companies implementing development operational restructuring.
• We are a dynamic and flexible company, actively responding to the needs of customers.
• We use management methods based on WCM, MBO and Lean.
• Together we strive for success, because acting as a team we are more effective
• From our work, we want to derive satisfaction and financial benefits that we invest in our further development.

Effects achieved

The measurable effects during project implementation are a control element of our operation.
Taking into account the results of the projects carried out so far, we present the values of changes in our clients' operational indicators already during the projects implementation changes (f.eg. in selected areas):
• Cost reduction around 20%
• Improving the productivity around 25%
• Improvement of process efficiency around 20%
• Improving sales efficiency around 30%
• Reduction of losses around 40%
Focus on the measurability of effects applies not only to the client, but also to our actions as advisers.
In each of the implemented projects, due to the measurability of the results, we present the ROI obtained from the implemented and effective changes. In the case of comprehensive Operational Improvement Improvement Projects, ROI reaches values of up to 185% to over 300%.